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I can still remember when I bought my very first designer handbag: I just turned 20 and had my heart set on LVs Noe! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it on some woman in a restaurant and I knew that this would be a bag that I’ll carry around for years & years…. Continue Reading


H&M Studio A/W 2016 Blouse

My fellow bloggers might be familiar with the problem: Finding the perfect background for outfit pictures. I was always a big fan of white walls that don’t look too boring yet plain enough to let the clothes speak for themselves. Last Saturday while leisurely strolling through our neighbourhood Sai Kung, my husband found one of those rare locations – and fortunately I took my camera with me. Continue Reading

Asymmetric skirt

Asymmetric Helmut Lang skirt

A few years ago I completely fell in love with Helmut Lang’s asymmetric “Kinetic Skirt” – unfortunately I wasn’t only one and it was sold out almost everywhere. As the years went by I forgot about the skirt until recently when I was browsing though the dream of every fashion enthusiast who loves a good bargain:!

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What’s in my bag – daytime edition

in my bag

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a sunny and wonderful weekend! My husband and I went paddle-boarding and it was so much fun (my muscles are really sore today, but hey: no pain – no gain, right?!)

To kick off the week I just thought it could be time for another sneaky peek into my purse. So here we go: that’s what I carry around during the day.. Continue Reading

My wish list for A/W

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 4.57.02 pm

I know, it’s still a little early but with mid-autumn festival fast approaching in HK I can’t help thinking about chunky knits, scarfs, boots and cosy evenings cuddled up on the couch with a good book and glass of wine while a scented candle fills the room with it’s wonderful fragrance…

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Anniversary dinner @ VEA

VEA Restaurant Hong Kong

Last Sunday was our 7th wedding anniversary and what would 2 foodies like us do to celebrate? Having a 12 course tasting menu seemed like a pretty good idea to us.. VEA is a quite new restaurant and came highly recommended by a fellow food-lover. And OMG – that was one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot!). Chef Vicky Cheng is only 31 years old and he’s such a genius.. Continue Reading

Almost all-white

White IRO leather skirt outfit

I really like wearing 1-color outfits but when it comes to “all-white-everything” you can easily look kind of plain and “washed out”. To avoid that I always try to mix in some contrasts like black/neutral accessories or a red nail polish / lip to add another dimension to it and to make the whole outfit a little bit more interesting. (especially when standing in front of a white wall…..) Continue Reading

Lazy Saturday

Hong Kong Junkboat

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat (thedaintythings) and Instagram might already know what we’ve been up to last Saturday: Junk-trip..yay! It’s one of our favourite things to do on a summer weekend..escaping from this hot, buzzing city and spend a whole day on a boat with some friends, food and a glass (or more..) of bubbly! It’s always so much fun and a great way to meet new people, so if you visit HK and get the chance to join a junk-trip I highly recommend doing it 🙂 Continue Reading


Alexander Wang leather skirt Outfit

As you might have noticed I’m a huge fan of leather clothes: shorts, leggings and also skirts. I don’t mind if it’s faux or real but I think it’s perfect to give your outfit a bit of an edge – even if it’s just as simple as the one I’m wearing in these pictures. Continue Reading