Lazy Saturday

Hong Kong Junkboat

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat (thedaintythings) and Instagram might already know what we’ve been up to last Saturday: Junk-trip..yay! It’s one of our favourite things to do on a summer weekend..escaping from this hot, buzzing city and spend a whole day on a boat with some friends, food and a glass (or more..) of bubbly! It’s always so much fun and a great way to meet new people, so if you visit HK and get the chance to join a junk-trip I highly recommend doing it¬†ūüôā Continue Reading


Alexander Wang leather skirt Outfit

As you might have noticed I’m a huge fan of leather clothes: shorts, leggings and also skirts. I don’t mind if it’s faux or real but I think it’s perfect to give your outfit a bit of an edge – even if it’s just as simple as the one I’m wearing in these pictures. Continue Reading


Favourite Face Masks

In my last post about my skincare routine I already mentioned that I would make a separate post dedicated to the face masks I’m using. And¬†here we go! I have quite a little bit of a¬†slight addiction to face masks – I guess I use one 1-2 times a week..depending on my skin condition. Continue Reading

Copper love

Copper Love

When it comes to home decor I’m a little bit obsessed with Tom Dixon – especially¬†everything copper. So after finally finding and ordering the perfect Moscow Mule Mugs (No 4 in the picture above) I just kept on browsing and found some really pretty things for the home..

  1. Lamp РTom Dixon | 2. Wall clock РKarlson | 3. Candle holder | 4. Mug Set РTom Dixon | 5. Carafe РWedgewood | 6. Diffuser РTom Dixon | 7. Side table | 8. Fan | 9. Beverage tub

My skincare routine

Skincare Routine

A year ago I already wrote a post about my favourite skincare products. Well, a little bit has changed by now and so I’d like do dedicate a¬†post to my new¬†skincare-routine.

It should be a no-brainer but I can’t stress this enough: ALWAYS, always wash your face in the evening and never go to bed with all that gunk still on your skin! There should always be enough time no matter how tired you are. I would normally never use facial wipes but I keep some for emergencies on my night-stand..just in case, you know, you’re too tiered! I can highly recommend these from Cremourlab
Continue Reading