Art on the line

Art Gallery Hong Kong

First I want to apologise for the lack of posts lately. It’s been raining cats & dogs and even in the daytime there just isn’t enough daylight to take good pictures, not to mention the lack of outfit inspiration when your only goal is to stay as warm and dry as possible. But enough about the weather.. A couple of days ago we were invited to a little art exhibit where a friend of us also showed one of her works. It’s the beautiful butterfly-installation you can see on some pictures below. Continue Reading

New In | Pre-loved Balenciaga City

Balenciaga City Bag

There are a few bags that age amazingly well and just look so much better when they are a little worn in. Louis Vuitton Monogram bags for example: I just hate the look of the new, almost flesh-colored leather parts – horrible! To me, they only look good (and so much cooler) when there’s a certain patina to it.. Another example are Balenciaga bags! I always buy them pre-loved so the leather already has this perfectly soft slouchiness to it what makes them so special. Here’s a new member to my little bag-family I just found a few days ago: Balenciaga City RH in Papyrus (F/W 2011)! Continue Reading

Marble Love

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.55.24 am


I’ve been a little bit obsessed with all things marble for a while now. Especially since we moved into our new home I’m always looking for some nice & beautiful things I can add to our existing interior. And the marble-design just goes perfectly with almost every style & other color. Here are a few things I found & really liked – especially the vase (how cool ist that?!) and the wall clock!

  1. Side table – Safavieh | 2. Vase – Sara Larsson | 3. Wall clock – Menu | 4. iPhone case – Richmond & Finch | 5. Pillow – Chelsea Victoria | 6. Fruit bowl – Caravan | 7. Mortar & Pestle – Tom Dixon | 8. Soap dispenser – Nordstjerne | 9. Table lamp – Bloomingville | 19. Macbook Case – Uniqfind


Hong Kong Sai Kung

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted some photos of Hong Kong. The last time I tried to show you guys a different perspective on SoHo; today I want to take you for a walk through Sai Kung! It’s one of my favourite parts of Hong Kong and not only because we live in the area. Sai Kung – which is located in the New Territories – is like a little vacation – nay sanctuary – from the big, hectic & very noisy city of Hong Kong. Here you get the best and freshest (Michelin-Star) seafood – for very reasonable prices btw. – , the best – and cleanest – beaches and an overall very laid-back, almost Hippie-esque vibe you just don’t find anywhere else in HK. Your trusted Travel-Guide is just wrong when they rave about Stanley, Repulse Bay or Discovery Bay! Although it looks a little bit shabby, there isn’t a place we’d rather live! Please enjoy :-) Continue Reading

My Basic Daytime MakeUp Routine

Daily MakeUp Routine

For me, makeup-wise it’s usually about just making me “the best me” I can be – not making me a different person. So normally during the daytime I wear just a light foundation or BB cream (SPF is key!), mascara, some very subtle eyeshadows and liner and a tiny bit of rouge. And that’s basically all. Over the years I’ve tried so many products that I now can say I’ve picked the ones which work best for me. So this is what my low-key, normal makeup looks like: Continue Reading


Bomber Jacket Outfit-57

When I first saw all these bomber-jackets emerging from almost every online-shop, magazine, blog, etc., you name 1st thought was “What the hell?! WHY????” but after a bit of  research (aka. Pinterest) I decided to give it a try. Continue Reading

Tokyo | Shibuya


So here’s the last part of my little Tokyo photo-diary: Shibuya! I must say that when you lived in Shanghai and Hong Kong for such a long time, the famous crossing is maybe not THAT impressive anymore..but still, I think it’s a very interesting area and totally worth a visit! I would definitely recommend going there in the evening so you can also see all the neon-lights. Continue Reading


Leopard Booties Outfit

Don’t you just love the moment when something you were stalking chasing for weeks finally pops up in sale? That happened with these lovely leopard booties. When I first saw them at Zara they were everywhere already sold out in my size (the downside of wearing a shoe size 39,5 / 40 and living in Asia..) and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them 1 size smaller – trust me, I learned the hard way that you will NEVER wear it anyway.. The leo-boots were purrfect (haha, sorry…): the right kind of leopard pattern (not the cheap stripper kind of look), great style (very “Marant-ish” pointed-toe ankle booties with a kitten heel, whats more to say?!) and last but not least: they came with a reasonable price tag for the quality. So after looking for some kind of surrogate I almost jumped with joy when I saw them on Sale (in my actual size! 70% off! Yay!) Continue Reading